Gastric cancer screening in conjunction with colorectal cancer screening in Europe (GACSE)


staR (gastric cancer Research, www.star-project.md)


study proposals

Research Projects after MAPS
Quality assesment of gastroscopy and biopsy sampling. Diagnostic studies

Serological Gastric Cancer Screening for Patients undergoing screening colonoscopy
Pilot study with preliminary data of the first 340 patients

  • a) Definition of the benefit of H.pylori eradication in patients with present premalignant conditions,
  • b) influence of PG-testing on GC-mortality,
  • c) rationale for combined screening for CRC and GC,
  • d) rationale for follow up and the respecting intervals in positively tested subjects

H.pylori eradication for GC prevention in Ardabil, Iran

Gastric permeability by sucrose breath test

The outcome of chronic atrophic gastritis by gastropanel

The prevalence of chronic atrophic gastritis by gastropanel in relation to age groups, geographical area and dietary habit